Car-cats and such like

Is it just me who is noticing a sudden proliferation of cats in my neighbourhood ? Or has it always been like this? Lately, I have observed cats of all sizes and shapes basking themselves or walking languidly about the most unusual places. Very strangely, some cats choose to sit on car tops, as though […]

Grow roots : Stay strong

Hello friends, I am re blogging a lovely article by fellow blogger Bindu Midha …. a subject close to my heart … Bindu blogs on Do read and resonate grow-roots_-stay-strong-mumbai-messenger-the-local-weekly-newspaper-mumbai-local-newspaper-local-newspaper-of-mumbai.pdf Grow Roots: Stay Strong July 17, 2015 Bindu Midha Strongly entrenched stands the banyan tree, emanating an aura of majesty and grandeur which seemed […]