Intriguing Blues😊


A toast to the new year

To the year that went by and

To the year that comes by …

To the ups and downs and turn arounds

I raise a toast

Here’s to high spirits, here’s to happier times

Every year that goes by … there’s fewer of us around

That’s the way of life … we save some we lose some…

those that departed : farewell , Rest In Peace

And the rest of us get another chance at the great merry go round

Let’s make it count!!

Happy new year !

The big Earthing

The only patch of soft green grass in the vicinity beckoned me

I was drawn to it like the parched to water

Oh to feel that softness beneath my feet !

And to have all fatigue all the worldly cares pulled away…

Absorbed. Grounded . Earthed.




Sometimes the universe calls you,

To save a life or stall a storm

And it gives you Godspeed

You become the light ; you transform

We seek help from the universe

But there are times the universe itself needs you

You draw strength from the universe

And the universe empowers the superhero in you.

( dedicated to bravehearts and ordinary people who are summoned by extraordinary forces to prevent catastrophe)


Not just a vehicle of transportation,

but a vehicle for reflection…

A means of time travelling to childhood …

a constant fascination

A way to converse with flying fish;

to meet flotsam and jetsam ….

collecting bits, bobs and driftwood …

gliding back to who I really am

-from the ‘Boats’ series.