Blazing trails so bright
It’s the moon on its journey
Breaking million hearts


The big Earthing

The only patch of soft green grass in the vicinity beckoned me

I was drawn to it like the parched to water

Oh to feel that softness beneath my feet !

And to have all fatigue all the worldly cares pulled away…

Absorbed. Grounded . Earthed.




Sometimes the universe calls you,

To save a life or stall a storm

And it gives you Godspeed

You become the light ; you transform

We seek help from the universe

But there are times the universe itself needs you

You draw strength from the universe

And the universe empowers the superhero in you.

( dedicated to bravehearts and ordinary people who are summoned by extraordinary forces to prevent catastrophe)


Not just a vehicle of transportation,

but a vehicle for reflection…

A means of time travelling to childhood …

a constant fascination

A way to converse with flying fish;

to meet flotsam and jetsam ….

collecting bits, bobs and driftwood …

gliding back to who I really am

-from the ‘Boats’ series.

Crunchle krunchnh…and other related sounds 

I have tried to catch this sound several times by walking into a sidewalk full of dried leaves. Stepping onto tinder-dry crisp leaves, which are slowly turning into a lovely burnished gold in this immense heat, I listen keenly to the rustle, the crunch, the scrunch and chomp of dried leaves,twigs flowers and other such stuff and try to identify the sound: lovely onomatopoeic and full of texture and feeling!!
Maybe it’s a throwback to my childhood, when streets and lanes were more tree lined and hence more covered with dried leaves. Rust, copper, burnt sienna, raw umber, auburn colored sun dried leaves… Rich shades which can never be reproduced , simply strewn on the roads …. for kids like me to run over and produce interesting sounds! I think it was one of my hobbies to do this, ranking second only to playing in the wet mud and getting my hands really brown and caked with the stuff.
Now, I find these leaves only on the sides of streets swept haphazardly and never miss a chance to tramp over them … Sometimes the Mali in my garden appears to have purposely neglected to sweep the walking paths just for me to revel in the sight smell and feel of those burnished gold leaves. Much to Sam’s mirth, I shamelessly stamp and tramp over these leaves in search of the sound and try to recreate it in English syllables. But I have realized that this is an exercise in delightful futility as I am really not as interested in figuring out the sound as I am in making it. It’s as if the journey is immensely more significant than the destination. And that is usually always the case.
Dried leaves get crushed over time and the little bits which finally convert into that rich ochre colored soil layers, decay gently and form mulch to nourish new plants and trees. So the tender little leaf which could be a delicate yellow, pink or sap green when it starts life , matures and deepens into a darker richer color and finally leaves the tree to join other fallen leaves, have done its job of photosynthesis and providing food to the tree. The complete life cycle of a leaf.
I like to think that by stepping into these piles of dry rustling leaves I am simply participating in the great circle of life and enjoying myself thoroughly at the same time !!! The simple joys in life!!!

Notes :

Sam: my husband who happily joins me for an evening walk in my lovely garden which has an interesting layout and walking path, and agrees to chat with me and discuss any topic under the sun including the sun.

Mali: a member of that delightful breed of plant lovers which is slowly vanishing , usually invisible, sometimes found sitting on his haunches working diligently at pruning or removing weeds and so on.  Or wielding long tangly hose pipes , enviably watering plants and nurturing lawns.

Are you a creator,preserver,destroyer?

I am not referring to the gods and the Hindu trinity in the title. It’s a concept that has been growing in my mind since I read about the Maharashtra government’s ban on “ manufacture, sale,use, distribution and storage “ of several plastics goods and materials that was announced a few days ago. Different people reacted differently to it and that’s what got me thinking about it.

Those who are creators thought about making bags with paper and cloth; put the newspapers , old t shirts, retired pillow cases, and dupattas to good use. The preservers thought about how to minimize the use of bags and squirreled away some bags for the proverbial “rainy day.” And what about the destroyers? Well, they did not destroy anything but they tore apart the concept with skepticism and much head shaking as to how it won’t work and the government should think of better alternatives to solve the problem or at least give enough warning before springing such ultimatums upon unsuspecting plastic bag users and abusers.

It’s the way we react to things and situations that make us who we really are. Are we reacting in a way that’s creating new and working solutions ? Or are we reacting so that we cope with existing problems and work around them trying to minimize the negative effects? Or then do we break existing ideas and laws and solve problems with aggression and argument ?

Different problems may need different techniques to arrive at solutions and maybe a combination of creativity and tolerance and iconoclasm* is required. However my interest in this issue was to self reflect and understand how I solve problems and how people around me look at issues and their modes of arriving at working answers to any kind of challenging situation.

Change is difficult. Change is necessary. A desirable change is an interesting concept but what is desirable for one may not be for another. People are different. We react differently to the same situation. That’s what makes life so terribly complex and yet so exciting, so full of possibilities and interesting conversations.

We can’t control situations, only our reactions to them. So how do you embrace change?

Iconoclasm : the action of attacking or assertively rejecting cherished beliefs and institutions or established values and practices.